• Lumen V4

    The 4th Annual International Lighting Conference for V4 Countries

    Lumen V4

    September 26-28, 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia.

    Leading lighting industry representatives from the V4 countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland & Czech Republic) came together to present and discuss the industry’s latest technological and product innovations.

    From September 26-28, the 4th Annual International Conference, LUMEN V4, took place at Bratislava’s Saffron hotel. The conference was attended by representatives of prominent lighting companies as well as professionals in the areas of architecture, construction and design from all four Visegrád countries. The technological and product innovations introduced and discussed during the conference were of global significance. OMS Lighting Designer Ing. Michal Jančuška introduced participants to OMS’ new, proprietary lighting quality standard (LQS) OMS representatives provided positive feedback about their conference experience:

    “It’s been a very long time since we’ve experienced a conference with this high level of knowledge and expertise.” Ing. Marek Mácha, Division Manager Optic Design, Research & Development

    “It was very interesting to hear about the latest research, results and innovations coming from our international community of lighting specialists.” Ing. Peter Katreniak, lighting engineer

    The OMS Project "Design of illumination in the Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows in Sastin" featured in SVETLO magazine 05/2012 (pages 8-10).

  • Industrial design department, summer exhibition 2012

    Exhibition of student luminaire projects during Days of Architecture and Design (DAAD)

    Industrial design department, summer exhibition 2012

    May 24 - June 3, 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia.

    OMS in cooperation with Atelier of Industrial Design, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava

    The Days of Architecture and Design (DAAD 2012) was held in Bratislava for the third time, from May 24th to June 3rd, 2012.

    The project’s goal was to increase awareness for Slovakia’s impressive architecture and design. OMS presented future product ideas that were first introduced at the 2012 International Light & Building 2012 Exhibition in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    As part of DAAD 2012, OMS and The Academy of Fine Arts and Design’s Atelier of Industrial Design hosted Summer Exhibition 2012 in Bratislava. The exhibition, “The Luminaire as a Tool for Commercial Lighting 2012-2017”, featured prototypes and concepts designed by the Atelier’s students as part of their summer project, led by Dr. Ferdinand Chrenka. In addition, the students’ work was presented alongside OMS luminaires at Light+Building 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany.


    Department of Product Design, Atelier of Industrial Design Doc. Ferdinand Chrenka akad.soch.



  • Light + Building 2012

    The World’s Largest Trade Fair for Lighting and Building Services Technology

    Light + Building 2012

    April 15-20, 2012, Frankfurt, Germany.

    OMS joined the ranks of world-class exhibitors at Light+Building 2012 where it presented its latest products and innovations.

    For the fourth consecutive year, OMS joined the prestigious event that focuses on new trends in lighting technology, electrical engineering, architecture and technical equipment for buildings. “We competed with the best in the field of illumination and have since grown to become one of them. For this reason, we could not miss being part of this event in Frankfurt,” said Vladimír Levársky, CEO of OMS.

    OMS introduced several innovative LED luminaires at Light+Building this year. Attendees also had the opportunity to preview a special OMS truck, which will tour Europe this Spring and Autumn for OMS’ European Lighting Tour 2012.

    A significant part of exhibition was dedicated to OMS’ proprietary new Lighting Quality Standard (LQS). “We are using more than 20 objectively quantifiable criteria to evaluate each and every lighting product or solution for a given space,” explained Mr. Martin Bílek, co-author of LQS and head of the lighting division in OMS’ research and development department. LQS’ goal is to standardize the evaluation of lighting solutions in order to facilitate proper lighting selection for customers.

  • Design Plus 2012

    Light+Building Fair’s International Design Competition

    Design Plus 2012

    April 15-20, 2012, Frankfurt, Germany. OMS showcases innovative design concepts during the Design Plus Awards.


    The ceremony brings together highly qualified professionals in the fields of lighting, electrical and electronic engineering as well as home and building automation. The winning products will be awarded a prize and named “Best of” in their categories. The awards will be held at the exhibition area in Hall 1.1 on Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 4pm.

    OMS has submitted the following products for consideration in the competition:  

    Track Comet

    Track Comet is one of OMS’ upcoming products. Functionality, reliability, design simplicity, and respect for the environment are the stand-out features of this luminaire. The body of the lamp; two massive aluminium blocks, serves to transmit heat and visually communicate the luminaire’s long product life. Efficient light output and lighting efficacy are obtained through the use of LED. In comparison with discharge luminaires, Track Comet’s biggest advantage is its reduced energy consumption.

    Its silent and noiseless operation is obtained through the use of passive cooling. Track Comet’s low heat production and energy efficiency are typical features of this luminaire. Easy to mount to any kind of track system, Track Comet features two levels of adjustment: 0°-90° or 0°-360°. A LED with CRI>80 combined with an effective reflector provides light output of 98 lm/W. Colour rendering can provide colour temperatures of 3,000K or 4,000K. Track Comet comes with two types of reflectors that produce beam angles of 24° or 40°. It fits into spot lighting in shops or galleries and can also be used in product display areas to highlight merchandise.

    Track Comet Datasheet (PDF)


    Track Air breaks down the barriers to mass market adoption of LED lighting solutions. We designed Track Air to take full advantage of the benefits of LED, making it a safe, long-lasting, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly lighting solution. The luminaire′s housing is formed from black sheet steel. The dimmable electronic control gear, DALI, is available on request. Track Air’s global track system supports various types of connections and suspension equipment to be set up on one track. It can be suspended or ceiling surfaced. Compared to halide luminaires with an output of only 35 or 70 lm/W, Track Air’s LED with CRI>80 combined with an efficient reflector provides an impressive light output of 98 lm/W. Colour rendering can provide colour temperature of 3,000K or 4,000K.

    A LED with CRI>93 is available on request. Track Air comes with two types of reflectors that produce beam angles of 24° or 40°. An active membrane is used to transfer the LED’s heat which reduces the weight of the luminaire. It is perfectly suited for use in galleries, exhibitions and retail applications as the luminaire can be positioned precisely where required.

    Track Air Datasheet (PDF)

    Follow the Right Light.

  • OMS’ commitment to product quality

    Consistently meeting the most stringent European safety and performance standards

    OMS’ commitment to product quality

    OMS has always prided itself on the quality of its products. Now starting our third decade of luminaire development and manufacture, we believe that a good product not only provides the best technical parameters and latest technologies but also ensures the safety of every user and building.


    One of the key ways in which we strive to meet the highest standards is by attaining the respected ENEC mark for our core products. The ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification) Scheme covers thermal, mechanical, and electrical safety requirements across all electrical product sectors. The highest quality independent testing is carried out by one of more than 20 signatories, all of whom are distinguished laboratories or certification bodies and members of the EEPCA (European Electrical Products Certification Association). Achievement of ENEC certification means that a product both meets strict European electrical safety standards and provides a required operational performance in accordance with European legislation.


    OMS became a member of the ENEC Scheme back in 2000 and has been working to meet and surpass standards ever since. Anton Kozubik, Head of Product Management and Marketing, commented, “Our use of the ENEC mark assures customers of the technical performance and safety of our products, which reinforces trust in our brand and the quality it represents on the market.” We currently have our products certified in three independent laboratories: EZÚ Prague, Czech Republic (ENEC 21), TÜV Hungary (ENEC 18), and EVPÚ Nová Dubnica, Slovakia (ENEC 27).


    To mark ENEC 20th Anniversary in 2012, Execom (the European Certification System (ECS) Executive Committee) asked the then 25 signatories to nominate several companies each for recognition. The criteria included such areas as innovation and product quality. Of 125 nominated companies, only 35 were awarded the coveted ENEC Anniversary Award. OMS is proud to say that it was one of those 35.

  • Interlight Moscow 2011

    International Trade Fair for Decorative and Technical Lighting November 8-11, 2011, Moscow, Russia. OMS presented its products at Interlight 2011

    Interlight Moscow 2011

    Together with our key partner in Russia, TD Intersvet as well our Belarusian partner GVA Lighting, we showcased the OMS and UNOLUX. brands to companies including Mobilight, Corso Luce, EKO SVET, CTK System and Gema Motors, to name a few. The meetings were instrumental in giving OMS a greater understanding of the Russian lighting market including its existing lighting solutions and future needs.

    Despite of unpleasant weather which already rules Russia, the meetings and negotiations were passing effectively in every case.

  • Designblok 2011

    OMS presented top class of ELITE OMS lighting at the national design and fashion tradeshow, DESIGNBLOK 2011 in Prague.

    Designblok 2011

    From October 4-9, OMS took part in DESIGNBLOK 2011 in Prague. The exhibition took place at pre-selected showrooms, stores and galleries in Prague, and our exhibition was held at Superstudio Futurama in Prague – Karlín. A Lighting section was presented by OMS’s new Elite brand as well as strong design brands such as Deltalight, Artemide, Flos, Light Years, Brokis, Luceplan, Lasvit, Foscarini, Preciosa, Lucis, Ateh, and also by technical lighting producers such as Anolis, Lux Lighting, and many other “green” designers and students. The goal of our presentation was to confirm and showcase OMS’ long-term strategy in product development with an emphasis on design.

    Junior designers, journalists and well-known professional designers expressed enthusiastic interest in our display. The display’s author, Petr Mikošek from Boa Design, based his work on Elite colours. The audience’s appreciation of OMS’ Elite brand was evidenced by our nomination as a finalist for The Best Lighting Collection award, alongside Brokis and Preciosa. Our nomination validated the high quality work of our internal and external designers. The most remarkable products of our collection included Startrack (Atelier Pelcl) and Rebell (Ján Štofko, OMS) from the winning NDA 2011 collection as well as Acrux (Anton Zetocha, OMS) and Terzo (Guigiaro Architettura, Italy) from the new product collection. Minimalist models such as DW Castra, Modul Box Max and recessed Becrux also received attention. Those who prefer touch displays were pleasantly surprised by Modul Eye functionality.

    In addition to the above achievements, our participation in DESIGNBLOK also succeeded in:

    • showcasing the high quality of our products to to the design industry;
    • proving that collaboration is required from many specialists to achieve award-winning results;
    • making a positive and lasting impression on prospective customers, young designers, and industry professionals;
    • showing that high quality industrial design can stand next to jewelry and fashion design.

    Milan Ragula Concept & Design team R&D



  • National design prize 2011

    Results from the 10th Annual National Design Prize 2011.

    National design prize 2011

    Results from the 10th Annual National Design Prize were announced at the House of Art in Bratislava, where the winners were awarded for the participation of representatives of the Slovak Design Centre (SDC), ministries, competing authors, producers and other guests. The highest award in the Product Design category was granted to a collection of OMS luminaires, “The Dojč. Collection of OMS luminaires is characterized by perfect technical parameters and a modern design.” design by: Ján Štofko, Giugiaro Architettura, Jiří Pelcl, Peter Mikošek - manufacturer OMS, s.r.o.,