OMS is one of the leading lighting companies in Europe.

Creator and producer of industrial and state-of-the-art luminaires and comprehensive interior and exterior lighting solutions.

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Creator and producer of luminaires

OMS luminaires light a wide variety of spaces spanning more than 120 countries worldwide.


Vision and values / Facts

Our philosophy is to maintain the track of our development as a modern company that actively sets trends in terms of design, technology, as well as consideration and respect for the environment. OMS puts an emphasis on maximum customer satisfaction by continuously meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. Operative and strategic flexibilities allow us to achieve our goals.

  • Founded: 1995
  • Number of Employees: 1008
  • Export: 98%
  • Distribution: 122 countries
  • Area: 92 600 m2

A modern company,

OMS is a proven innovator in the fields of design, technology and environmental responsibility.

An in-house research and development centre and design department combined with its unmatched technical knowledge allow OMS to continuously define new trends in lighting. The company’s end-to-end approach; from idea to implementation and service, its wide network of partners and flexibility give OMS the unparalleled opportunity to realize virtually any lighting vision.

OMS Lighting has risen to become the largest manufacturer of industrial and domestic luminaires in central and eastern Europe. Founded over 18 years ago, we have established ourselves as a market leading manufacturer of luminaires through our portfolio of brands – Elite, Advanced and Unolux. Our goal has always been to offer our customers a first-class product backed by unparalleled service, focused on solving our clients’ illumination challenges.

In order to implement the right lighting solutions for our clients, our team of experts relies on a number of proprietary tools and approaches:

  • LQS and LQS Composer for quality assessment
  • LMS for planning and programming the lighting management system
  • The latest LED technology based on our own R&D

These tools; based on our extensive experience, high-quality products and the most modern technologies, empower OMS to deliver lighting solutions for all types of interior and exterior applications.

It is not the great defeating the small, but rather the fast defeating the slow. Those with superior quality defeating those who lack it, the courageous prevailing over the cowardly.

Vladimír Levársky - CEO

Operative flexibility

Extensive product portfolio – The vertical division includes interior and exterior light fixtures for commercial, industrial and architectural use. Traditional light sources are being replaced by LED modules, which represent the future of light sources.

Optimum human resources – Orders are completed by more than 800 employees in administrative and production areas. Our teams of professionals bring outstanding quality to the daily running of the company. We have 25 specialists focused exclusively on LED technologies, 50 highly qualified members of the R&D team, 50 sales team members, eight marketing specialists, and a separate department of procurement and logistics.

High scalability – OMS uses innovative technological equipment that permits changes in production rates without downtime or quantity limitations. This equipment allows us to complete orders using the FIFO method and enables the procurement department to contribute to a dynamic supply of all the components needed.

Customised solutions – From minor adjustments to existing or OMS-supplied light fixtures through to custom design changes and the design of entirely new products, our proven ability to meet our customers’ needs makes OMS the preferred supplier for lighting solutions.

Strategic flexibility

Market-driven products – The horizontal division of the company’s product portfolio into three qualitative segments (Unolux, OMS, ELITE) covers the lighting market‘s requirements, from economical products to technologically advanced solutions and designs with a sophisticated management system. Our customers will always find that our solutions reflect the requirements of their respective markets. We are capable of satisfying a broad range of customer needs.

Rapid innovation capabilities – We have implemented continuous innovation in the areas of quality, design, production technology (automation, robotics) and support through research and development (photometry, laboratories, software solutions).

Trend leadership – OMS incorporates changes in social behaviour when choosing products for specific production solutions (energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, daylight usage, light colour change option, LG7).

Continuous geographical expansion – OMS is strategically entering new markets by meeting customers’ unique needs in individual countries with experienced local sales employees.

Courage and speed – These crucial characteristics are reflected, without exception, in each of the points mentioned above.

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OMS company is a member of the ZHAGA Organisation

ZHAGA is a cooperation among a broad range of industrial companies focused on the development of specifications and standards for LED application interfaces. The ZHAGA organisation facilitates mutual compatibility among products made by various manufacturers, covering physical dimensions as well as photometric, electrical and thermal properties of LED light sources.