• Meet OMS Design in New Virtual Showroom

    Meet OMS Design in New Virtual Showroom

    Meet OMS Design in New Virtual Showroom


    Now you have an opportunity to try OMS luminaires in an interactive virtual showroom.

    This virtual showroom displays advanced lighting technologies and modern luminaire design like those found in our actual showroom, which is located at OMS company headquarters in Dojč. Compared to standard virtual exhibitions, the OMS virtual showroom incorporates a level of functionality and interactivity that is second to none. Not only do visitors have an opportunity to see the luminaires in the showroom, but to control each of them.


    More than 70 luminaires from the Advanced and Elite product lines are divided into 11 groups based on the types installed in the modern showroom space. The virtual showroom is based on six main panoramic views, four of which represent various camera positions in the room while the other two illustrate the functions of the Modul Eye luminaire control and LED strip colour variations. Each view was recorded with the HDR technique featuring a dynamic exposure range. As such, to achieve the luminaire control functionality, more than 100 snapshots were required to create six panoramic images. The presentation works on virtually all screens with a common resolution; from the PC to lower-resolution tablets and smartphones with a minimum resolution of 800x480 pixels. It is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems.

    What does the showroom offer visitors? After a short welcome, visitors are given simple instructions that introduce the individual functions. Help can be accessed at anytime throughout the presentation. Visitors are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities to play with light. They can switch every luminaire on and off, try dimming, select direct and indirect illumination and choose colour variations through the RGB mix. A virtual iPad controls all luminaires in addition to two touch panels; one for displaying the control environment of the Becrux luminaire and the other, for testing the Modul Eye fixture, with direct and indirect lighting options. The RGB touch panel allows visitors to test the fun and sophisticated light colour scale on the Downlight Vision luminaire. The panel also allows the continuous passing through of colour variants via the RGB mix buttons as well as the regulation of the light’s saturation and brightness. Memory buttons can be used to save favourite combinations 

    Visitors can learn about each light through additional controls. For example, hovering over a luminaire with the mouse will display its name. Clicking the camera will zoom in on the light while revealing the panel with additional information on the luminaire. For those wanting more detailed data on the luminaire, clicking on the “datasheet” button will lead them to the luminaire’s product section on the website. The showroom also allows visitors to control the LED strips through the RGB mix functions, featuring nine colour options as well as adjustable colour combinations and colour programmes. Visitors also get helpful tips; visible on the bottom part of the screen, while navigating through the showroom. We invite you to experience our unique virtual showroom and explore our portfolio of luminaires, ‘hands-on’.

    Visit OMS Showroom

  • Luxtra futuresmart was successfully presented at the international lighting trade fair Light India 2012

    Luxtra futuresmart was successfully presented at the international lighting trade fair Light India 2012

    Luxtra futuresmart was successfully presented at the international lighting trade fair Light India 2012


    The 7th Annual Light India; India’s largest lighting exhibition in terms of exhibitor and visitor numbers, was held October 5-8 at the Pragati Maidan exhibition centre in New Delhi.

    Luxtra Lighting, a joint venture between OMS and Eon Electric, successfully presented its product and technological innovations, including the Elite brand and LQS system.

    This year’s event showcased the newest products, technologies and trends from lighting industry producers across the globe and covered a gross area of 16,000 sq.m. Exhibition organizers Elcom (Electric Lamp & Component Manufacturers Association of India) and ISLE (Indian Society of Light Engineers) partnered for the first time with Messe Frankfurt, the world’s largest trade fair organizer who currently organises three of the most prestigious lighting industry shows in the world.

    Providing a large number of product categories, Light India 2012 offered a comprehensive and inspiring trade and marketing platform to visitors. Led by its President Mr. Sunil Bakhshi, the Luxtra Lighting team solidified the company’s position as a strong producer of high-end products. The uniqueness of the Elite range; a key brand for the Indian market, was demonstrated during the event. In addition, OMS’ presentation of its LQS system to the professional public formed an important part of the company´s exhibition at Light India 2012. Luxtra Lighting captured the attention and interest of trade fair participants, comprised of a wide range of lighting industry professionals including architects, designers, engineers, distributors as well as the general public.

  • LED Lab and New Research Projects of Lighting Presented to General Public

    LED Lab and New Research Projects of Lighting Presented to General Public

    LED Lab and New Research Projects of Lighting Presented to General Public


    DOJČ, February 15, 2013 – On January 30th, The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava opened its workplace and labs to the general public.

    This event was designed to showcase the faculty’s workplaces, labs and technical equipment to those interested in studying at the faculty. OMS and The Institute of Electronics and Photonics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology presented the LED Lab, a joint workplace focused on LED technology development.


    During the event, the LED Lab was shown to a large audience who had a unique opportunity to learn about the lab’s activities, directly from its employees. The lab supports research for modern lighting systems, training in the management of new LED systems, development of LED technologies and also presents research findings to both the professional lighting community and the general public. Established in 2011 as a company and university collaboration the LED DesignLab has since expanded with the addition of the SoftLab, a workplace that provides training on programming lighting systems.

    Lab employees as well as representatives from OMS and The Institute of Electronics and Photonics showcased the lab and its technical equipment. Visitors had an opportunity to learn about the development and manufacture of new luminaires, from electronic and thermal design through to the software development required for managing intelligent luminaires. Models of actual, current projects resulting from this private/public sector collaboration were introduced. The presentation of digital lighting management through mobile devices (we are just preparing its launch to the market) was met with a very positive response.

    OMS also unveiled the newest version of its innovative LED luminaire, Modul Razzor during the event. In its final phase of development, Modul Razzor is undergoing testing in the lab. OMS and the Institute of Electronics and Photonics are collaborating on several additional research projects including:

    • Development of a central feeding system, CPS, which centralizes lighting management with a graphical touch interface and wireless control system suitable for retail or presentation areas
    • Design and realisation of a ball integrator, a special device for measuring the light parameters which is set to be completed in the first half of the year
    • The IP IK modul, featuring a design adapted for exteriors and demanding conditions

    During the two-year collaboration between OMS and the university, many innovative products and concepts have been developed and showcased internationally, confirming the importance and effectiveness of public-private partnerships.

    The collaboration between OMS and the Slovak University of Technology on the project framework, “Centre of Collaboration for Transfer of Innovative Technologies from Research to Practice” is realised with support of the Slovak Research and Development Agency’s programme “Support for the Cooperation of Universities and the Slovak Academy of Sciences with Entrepreneurship”(CUSASE).


  • LED Lab

    LED Lab

    LED Lab

    The highest quality research and development is critical for innovative companies like OMS.

    To ensure an environment of continued innovation, OMS has initiated a close cooperation with Slovak University’s Department of Microelectronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. This follows OMS’ successful cooperation with Slovak University’s Department of industrial Design and Department of Lighting Technology on the launch of the LED Academy. The 50th anniversary of the Department of Microelectronics foundation also marked the opening of the LED Lab; the culmination of a six month study, “Academic Field and Industry Connection”.

    The LED Lab will focus on the following key activities:

    • Technical training aimed at developing solutions for design, electronic control and LED luminaires developed using electric and optic methods;
    • Development of design methodologies for intelligent lighting management systems and the creation of new functional standards for application-specific LED light sources;
    • Support of mutual research and development activities in the field of organic LED (OLED);
    • Preparation of academic and professional contributions; their presentation to experts and the general public through professional forums or conferences, magazines and industry reports, or through use of web applications;
    • Granting patents in compliance with results in fields of LED and OLED development, research and application;
    • Presentation of OMS’ social responsibility for development and education in both the LED Lab and in the Slovak University of Technology. 


    OMS provided complete lab reconstruction and invested in the purchase of required devices. Our Elite products Indirect Vega LED (versions: Basic, Blue Decorative, RGB Decorative) and Modul Ray Tunable White contribute to the lab’s lighting. The entire lighting system is adapted for teaching the wide range of settings offered by DALI management.


    The lab’s entrance area is illuminated with our latest LED Spots (Track Lotus, Track Avior Advanced, Track Cube and Track Air), which throw light on illustrated posters that explain a lumaire’s composition. Lab visitors can learn about basic lighting terms (luminous flux, white colour light temperature, CRI, etc.) through to the construction/function/structure of luminaires and the practical use of our newest lighting systems (mode of lighting scene, setting of required light temperature, etc.).

  • From fantasy to reality

    From fantasy to reality

    From fantasy to reality


    Illimitable colour composition, smooth colour transition, light and shadow effects. All these are important architectural elements of the future. Innovative and high-quality luminaires create luxurious lighting effects and present new dimension in architectural lighting. The latest LED technology complies with users’ and investors’ creative, technical, and practical requests.

    LED products provide high lumen output and long lifetime.

    Architainment luminaires are suitable to be used from small areas to large spaces to create professional atmosphere for entertainment and leisure. Lighting solutions are sustainable for various indoor/outdoor applications, such as lighting of shop windows, commercial and cultural sociable centers, open spaces, as well as clubs and restaurants.

    Our close cooperation with leading suppliers of components provides reliability with a technical and practical conditions of designers and project architects.

    Building. Park. Residence… Let’s light them up and find the magic in. 

     New brochure Architainment is here for downloading.



  • ELT 2013 is starting

    ELT 2013 is starting

    ELT 2013 is starting

    OMS’ unique lighting roadshow, European Lighting Tour (ELT), begins its Spring tour across Europe.

    OMS’ specially furnished truck, equipped with modern lighting technology and luminaires, will hit the road from March 11th to June 21st. Its first stop will be in Warsaw, Poland for the international lighting exhibition, LIGHT 2013. It will then continue its journey through Poland to the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

    The ELT’s inaugural year proved to be a very successful way to present the company and its philosophy. During a period of six months in 2012, this mobile “lighting academy“ drove more than 25 thousand kilometres. It made 32 stops at trade shows, lighting exhibitions and partner-organised events in 13 European countries. More than 1,600 invited guests and visitors participated in over 100 presentations. The programme presented the latest lighting trends and OMS’ lighting philosophy featuring its Lighting Quality Standard (LQS) and the LQS Composer tool for lighting designers. Last year’s ELT was divided into Autumn and Spring tours where we succeeded in supporting brand awareness among current and prospective customers while bringing our lighting creation concept closer to them.

    This year's tour will introduce the latest trends in lighting design and technology and will continue its first year programme. “Based on last year's overwhelming success, we have decided to resume the European Lighting Tour event this year,” said Roman Krška,Commercial Director for OMS. “We look forward to sharing our newfound knowledge and this year, we will place increased focus on the individual requirements of our customers. Our goals include sharing our knowledge to help customers navigate through the world of lighting, learn from their requirements and provide them with an opportunity for discussion with our experts.”

    OMS has prepared a broad portfolio of communication materials to complement the ELT Spring 2013 tour. From corporate videos to images of OMS’ production technologies and presentations focused on OMS’ unique concepts (LQS, Right Light and LMS), the focus is on educating current and prospective customers on the company and the lighting industry. Demonstrations of new luminaires, presentations of product innovations through 3D projection, TouchPads as well as a virtual visit of a luminaire showroom will form the interactive component of the tour's programme. Company representatives will walk visitors through the programme and provide them with an expert introduction to the world of lighting. Architects, lighting planners and designers have been invited from each stop on the tour so they can learn; on the spot, about the technologies OMS is using in the area of lighting design.


  • Slovak Entrepreneur Of The Year Vladimír Levársky at the World Final Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013

    Slovak Entrepreneur Of The Year Vladimír Levársky at the World Final Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013

    Slovak Entrepreneur Of The Year Vladimír Levársky at the World Final Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013


    Vladimír Levársky, the founder and General Director of the company OMS, won the national round of the competition Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013 this March. A few days ago he represented the Slovak business at the final of this competition in Monaco.

    Approximately 40 business stories fought in the Slovak round of the competition; however, the decision about the winner came surprisingly fast and was unambiguous, as the jury said. “This award means a life satisfaction for me. It is an inexpressible feeling, a very strong emotion and a new drive for further progress of the whole firm,” said Vladimír Levársky after winning the title Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 in Slovakia. The objective of this competition is to introduce important business personalities who bring positive changes to the entrepreneurial environment of the country to the general public and in this way to support further progress of entrepreneurship. 

    The competition Entrepreneur Of TheYear has been organised since 1968, when the company Ernst & Young announced it in the USA for the first time. All national winners of the current year were competing for the title in Monaco. 49 winners of the national rounds from 47 countries worldwide were nominated for the world final which took place from 5th to 9th June at the hotel Hermitage in Monte Carlo. 

    “Mr Vladimir Levársky, the founder and General Director of the company OMS excellently represented the Slovak Republic at the World Final Entrepreneur Of TheYear 2013. He attracted the jury especially by his innovative approach to doing business as well as the international activities of his firm in more than 120 countries worldwide. Mr Vladimír Levársky is a perfect example of an entrepreneur – visionary whose story is an inspiration for thousands of people,” said Stand Jakubek the partner-in-chief of Ernst & Young in Slovakia.

    OMS Lighting represented by its founder was standing alongside the most significant innovative firms and personalities in their background, e.g. Infosys, Fila, Italian Brempo or Austrian Guger Technologies.

    The international jury, created by the winners and finalists of the previous years, decided directly at the venue and its decision was announced during the ceremonial gala evening on Saturday (8th June). All title-holders from individual countries were introduced during the gala evening. Vladimír Levársky was introduced to the Hall of Fame of the Entrepreneur Of The Year competition together with other finalists. At the stage he encountered face-to-face the chairman of the Ernst & Young Board of Directors Mark Weinberger. 

    “We Slovaks can hardly compete by our turnover in a world-wide competition, but in spite of that we are innovative, we can offer a lot and for me the stories of the businessmen were very inspiring, “ Vladimír Levársky who took part in the ceremonial week of assessments and declaration of results together with his son, a promising successor of his entrepreneurial path, evaluated the situation in this way.

    Explore more:

    http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/2013_WEOY_SK/$FILE/TS_Svetovy podnikatel roka 2013_SK.pdf




  • Champion boutique in Milan city centre dressed in new light

    Champion boutique in Milan city centre dressed in new light

    Champion boutique in Milan city centre dressed in new light


    OMS recently completed a project of lighting for a new store of Champion Europe, one of the leading athletic apparel brands in the world. The newly opened store, located in Commercial centre Piazza Lodi in Milan city centre is illuminated Downlight Avior Motion and Downlight Caim, LED luminaires, which provided the modern lighting solution based on advanced LED technology, as well as energy and maintenance savings. Commenting on this project, Martin Fukna, Account&Project Manager of OMS, said: “Our aim is to fulfill visions of customers and to light up another, existing or new stores all over Europe. Similar projects and cooperation examples are to follow, as OMS offers to customers not only the substitution of luminaires, but also the possibility to be unique by providing them up-to-date design, flexible time of production and consultancy of in-house lighting designers.”

  • OMS launches redesigned Grafias with industry-leading luminous efficacy values of 123 lmW

    OMS launches redesigned Grafias with industry-leading luminous efficacy values of 123 lmW

    OMS launches redesigned Grafias with industry-leading luminous efficacy values of 123 lmW


    The suspended, surface mounted or recessed LED luminaire with a luminous flux of 17200 lm is characterized by an unconventional design and exceptionally efficient optics. An optimized heat dissipation solution, based on convection, enables the luminaire to achieve its low weight. Grafias reaches an extremely long lifetime of up to 100 thousand hours thanks to the LED light source used. Its high degree of IP protection, IP 65, ensures its reliable operation even in areas that are demanding on the luminaire’s resistance such as storehouses, industrial areas and petrol stations.


    According to the product’s design team, Grafias is the result of an extremely creative and productive cooperation and introduces many unconventional solutions that make the luminaire stand out among competing products.

    The luminaire’s unique design and parameters are the result of a close collaboration between the product design team and specialists from the company’s optic design, electronic design and thermal design departments. The result is a luminaire which, based on its luminous efficacy values and the total added value alone, considerably exceeds all competing products on the European market, while featuring an attractive design.

    For more detailed specifications on the Grafias, please download the PDF

  • OMS Showroom opening in Khartoum, Sudan

    OMS Showroom opening in Khartoum, Sudan

    OMS Showroom opening in Khartoum, Sudan


    On October 8, 2010 OMS achieved another milestone toward its global presence. 

    OMS has opened its latest store and showroom in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, the largest country in Africa.

    And what a memorable day it was. Mr. Mohamed Afifi, the local representative for OMS, had been preparing the event for months. Mr. Afifi made sure that the country’s biggest investors and investment representatives would be aware of the new possibilities. On the big day, he was supported by Ing. Martin Chyla, commerical director for OMS; Mrs. Helena Mravíková, the head of the commercial section at the Embassy of Slovak Republic in Egypt and Dr. Nasr Eddeen Sholgamy, the honorary consulate of Slovakia in Sudan. They also brought positive news from Slovakia: The country decided to write-off the State debts of Sudan, valued at 40 million euros. Slovakia became the first European country to make this decision.

    "There are many connections between Slovakia and Sudan. During my short visit I have met many people who have previously studied in our country or who are aware of the quality of products made in Slovakia."

    "There are many connections between Slovakia and Sudan. During my short visit I have met many people who have previously studied in our country or who are aware of the quality of products made in Slovakia. The African continent offers an enourmous potential in lighting. A number of great investments have been announced in Sudan and neighbouring countries, and OMS wants to be as close to its local clients as possible. Our latest portfolio of high quality, eco products will offer a strong alternative to cheap but unsustainable imports. We look forward to discussing the opportunities with local investors," said Mr. Martin Chyla during his opening speech.